Taco Shells

Taco Shells


Made with organic stoneground yellow corn. Contains 12 taco shells.




Alexa Sullivan Feb 08, 2012

Good, basic taco shells for a quick non-authentic tasting meal.


Tan Ya Feb 08, 2012

what's there not like? it's organic taco shells!


frangsty Feb 07, 2012

These are good taco shells and I appreciate they are made using organic corn. I only wish they had a flat bottom so they would stand better.


4angels2love Feb 07, 2012

Best tasting hard shell tacos EVER!


bomblikecalm Feb 07, 2012

nothing super amazing, but they are a good price and i like that the corn is organic! a staple if you make tacos often.


Kathy N Dan Roth Aug 10, 2011

OMG! These things are good. Of course they are the best heated for a couple minutes in the oven. We are not fans of mexican food and generally eat everything but mexican but yesterday I saw these at TJ's and gave them a try. I am so glad I did! Everyone in the house was happy! I actually am craving these things again and could totally do so many things with them. My teen son crumbles them on a plate and tops with all the taco goodies and I cant wait to have them crumbled on a mexican salad. We ate them just as tacos and could fill them with just about anything from beef, chicken, seafood or whatever you please.


missy4short Jun 09, 2011

Nothing to rant and rave about but very convenient for a quick meal AND they're organic which is always good when it comes to corn. I use them when I buy the taco seasoning from TJ's.